Using with Truffle

Connect Truffle to your Rockside nodes

What can I do with Truffle ?

Truffle usage

Truffle is a development framework that allows you to deploy Smart Contracts across multiple networks, and interact with them. It is often used locally, with tools like ganache, but it is also used in the context of continuous integration and as a real deployment tool, both on public and private networks.

What do I need?

To deploy a smart contract using a node provided by Rockside, Truffle will need a mnemonic, representing the private key which is useful to sign transactions. Truffle will need an RPC URL as well, in order to know which node to target. This guide will explain you where to find such information.

Deploy a smart contract with Truffle

Step 1: Go get your mnemonic. The simplest way to get it is to export a Metamask mnemonic, which represents your account. Your account has to be funded with Ether from the network you target, in order to have enough gas to deploy the smart contract. Click on Settings.

Step 2: Reveal your seed words. Keep it close for the next steps.

Step 3: Go to the details of your Rockside node, by clicking on the Blockchain Nodes section. Click on the node you want to interact with. On the top right, click on Use with Truffle.

Step 4: Follow the displayed instructions which explain you how to modify your truffle configuration file. You also have to paste your mnemonic. Then you can use Truffle exactly as usual.

That's all! You can now deploy and interact with Smarts Contracts through Truffle on your Rockside nodes.