Understand how Rockside-Cloud works and how to use it in your apps.


Rockside-Cloud is the managed version of Rockside.

Anyone is able to run an Ethereum node on their computer. This means that you can participate in validating transactions and blocks on the Ethereum blockchain. But depending on the type of node and hardware specification, the initial syncronization time and storage requirements vary and this can quickly become very expensive and painful to maintain.

Rockside-Cloud hosts and maintains nodes for its users. They can use the Blockchain as simply as an API.

If you are a Dapp developer, the interaction with the Blockchain via Rockside-Cloud is transparent. Rockside-Cloud exposes a fully compliant JSON RPC API.

The creation of your own Network (consortium Blockchain) and the monitoring of your transactions can be accessed via a graphical user interface in a web browser.

If you're completely new to the Blockchain world, the Ethereum Foundation website is a great place to start discovering the technology.

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Use Network

Rockside-Cloud maintains synchronized nodes to several networks including the Public Ethereum Network, also called "Mainnet". Others test networks are also available.

For each network, an endpoint (url) is provided to execute RPC methods.

You can test a JSON-RPC Method in the command line using CURL. For example, to get the last block number, you can execute the following command:

              # Request
              curl -X POST --data '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "eth_blockNumber", "id": 1}' 'https://staging.rockside.io/api/nodes/Ropsten/rpc/YOUR_API_KEY'

              # Result


Before sending transactions to your own Rockside-Cloud node, you need to create and sign them offline. Rockside-Cloud has no visibility of your private key. We will very soon provide an example of integration with Metamask and Truffle, these tools allow to sign transactions very simply.

All transactions made through your RPC endpoint are visible in your Dashboard. An address decoration feature helps you improve readability.

Create your own Network

A Consortium Blockchain refers to a blockchain with consensus procedures controlled by preset nodes. Using Rockside-Cloud, it takes less than five minutes to have a consortium up and running.

The generation of the Genesis file is very simple thanks to the graphical user interface. Once started, you can immediately use your Network with a Faucet system and a Block Explorer.