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Rockside brings all services in one place to solve your biggest Blockchain challenges.

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Start a Blockchain project quickly, safely, and at scale.

Create and manage Blockchain infrastructure across multiple Cloud providers.

  • Nodes runner for Blockchain infrastrucure provisionning

  • Transactions Proxy to simplify Interaction with other services like Vault.

  • Blockchain Monitoring infrastructure and Smart Contract Logs with an Admin UI

Quickly onboard blockchain consortium participants through a very intuitive UI

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Host Rockside on your own private infrastructure or use the cloud-managed version

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Ready for Production

Run the infrastructure of your choice. Rockside supports leading tools and cloud providers to ensure you get the most out of our product.

  • Resilience & Performance at scale

  • Rock-solid security, Monitoring & Alerting

  • Quality Support and Documentation

Rockside is built to be integrated with industry standard solutions

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Everything Blockchain teams need

Rockside enables developers, operators and security to navigate the transition to Blockchain infrastructure.

Node abstraction

In the manner of "infrastructure as code" you describe your need (parity, geth, ...) and the network you want (mainnet, rinkeby), rockside does the rest.

RPC Proxy

Transparent for developers, the proxy allows you to filter or sandbox transactions and apply a strategy before they are sent to the network.

Vault & transactions

In the decentralized world, you have to master this component, we work to integrate a maximum of standard solutions like Hashicorp Vault or Ledger.

Monitoring and Notification

Your node is down or out of sync, you automatically receive an alert. The webHooks allow you to connect your existing alert system. The Slack integration is coming soon !

API for LogComing soon

If you develop smart contracts, you already know that parser log is a hell. Thanks to our architecture, we provide simple and powerful services to create complexe requests.

Keep Updated

The Ethereum ecosystem is in constant turmoil, we are continually integrating community news such as the latest Pantheon client or the Görli Testnet (Works with Parity and Geth!).

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Because we believe in the potential of the Ethereum protocol, we want to make it easy to use for all developers. The features below only concern this protocol for now.

Cloud Free $0/mon Coming soon Cloud Premium Usage fees Self Managed Custom
Public & Testnet Network Gateway
Consortium Blockchain (Geth / Parity)
Transactions Decorator & Explorer
Join Custom Network
Managed Remote Node
Monitoring & alerts
99.99% uptime SLA
High volume Transactions
LDAP Integration & Access Control Policy
Controls Keys & Sign Tx With a Vault
Support community Email Dedicated